For Patients

 for patientsEach of our centers is designed with you, the patient, in mind. Instead of the confusing corridors and distracted employees of a busy hospital, here you are greeted with a warm smile and are seen in a timely fashion.

Here, you will find a spacious lobby, pleasing color tones and a calm, relaxed setting. We won’t throw a clipboard at you, and we certainly won’t ask you for information we already have. Our friendly staff is dedicated to making your short stay with us as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Our state-of-the-art centers feature the most advanced technology and treatments in comfortable, well-appointed rooms. Patient recovery time for most procedures is short, and no overnight stay is required.

Best of all, our services cost less than those of the hospital. This becomes especially important if you are not insured, or have a high co-payment or deductible.